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Posted 7 years ago

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery duplicates computer operations and involves a series of policies and procedures that enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural (ex. fire, earthquake, power surges) or human-induced disaster (ex. terrorist attack, viruses, accidents).

Organizations and companies are dependent on their computer systems to run their businesses. Their computers hold vital information and data that must be preserved in order to keep their businesses running smoothly. With humans making mistakes, nature being unpredictable and failing machines, disaster recovery are vital to customers who need and want access to all data 24/7/365.

Choosing the Right Disaster Recovery Expert

Not all disaster recovery services are created equally. Florida IT Pros is an industry leader in disaster recovery. We can help you backup your data offsite and restore all services and applications when disaster strikes. We protect your data and ensure you will have access to all applications.

How Disaster Recovery Works

The best disaster recovery plan is to preplan by backing up all data on a storage device either on the same computer, a network server or the internet. Data recovery will be a simple copy procedure. Florida IT Pros gives you peace of mind as they expertly help you recover your data in the event that disaster strikes. We provide our services to hundreds of small-medium businesses across Florida at an upfront and reasonable cost.

Florida IT Pros

Information technology is no longer just hardware and software. It’s an integral component of your business and it is essential to maintaining your operations and communications with your staff, customers, and vendors. At Florida IT Pros, our goal is to ensure our customers’ computer systems and networks are running at peak performance with the highest level of security. You can count on us to provide the virus protection you need to prevent malicious ransomware from encrypting your important data, saving you time and money.

It Services West Palm Beach

Florida IT Pros was founded in 2007 and has been growing ever since. After years of Fortune 500 experience as IT Engineers, Managers, and Directors we wanted to provide a higher level of service that we and many of our colleagues had experienced from other consultants or service providers. Call us at (561)206-2478 or visit our website.


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