Is the Cloud or An In-House Storage Model the Best Online Storage For Your Business?

Posted 6 years ago

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Online Storage

A failed server can have catastrophic effects on your business. It is essential for business owners to keep their company’s data safe. It can be a difficult decision deciding which storage option is best for your business. Both cloud and in-house storage have their advantages. Will storing data in the cloud or an in-house server infrastructure better suit your business needs?

Questions to Ask About Your Business When Deciding on Storage?

  1. How much storage does your business need?
  2. Are the business’ data needs consistent?
  3. Does your company have the physical space to install in-house servers?
  4. Do you have the capital investment to install in-house servers if your business does indeed have the space?
  5. Is your budget flexible enough to cover the costs of a cloud subscription?

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a model of maintaining, managing and backing-up data remotely. It is made available to users over the internet. The three primary cloud-based storage models are private, public, hybrid. Private cloud services use a private infrastructure and are only available to specific employees. Public cloud services are open to the general public over the internet. Customers may be free or purchased on an as-needed basis. Hybrid cloud storage service uses a mix of public and private cloud services.

In-House Storage

Before the cloud was even a thought, most companies used a server located within the company. An in-house storage model can host applications, file share, and email. With this model, your company will have complete physical control over the server and meet the needs of your business.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

The Pros:

  • No onsite hardware needed and is well suited for fast-growing companies.
  • You only have to pay for the services your business needs.
  • There are no extra maintenance costs.
  • Employees can connect from any mobile device or can bring their personal device to work with.
  • Data can be backed up in 15 minute-intervals.

The Cons:

  • Internet speeds may not be high speed if you have a lot of data to store when using cloud services.
  • Third party services may be able to access your data.
  • If the internet is down on your side or your cloud provider’s side, access to information will not be available.
  • The costs may be high for specific businesses.

Local Storage Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • Speed is the main advantage with local storage services.
  • You have physical control of your servers.
  • Requires start-up costs for hardware and infrastructure.
  • No third party companies have access to your business’ data.
  • Requires space in your office for servers and hardware.
  • If there is an emergency or disaster, data may be lost when using in-house storage.

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