Disaster Recovery: Protecting and Restoring Your Business’ Applications and Data

Posted 6 years ago

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What is Disaster Recovery and Why Does Your Business Need a Plan?

Every business and organization needs to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Florida IT Pros can create a plan for your business by analyzing the potential impact a disaster may have on your business and prioritizing the applications and data needed during the recovery process. Resuming your critical functions after a disaster is our primary objective.

A disaster may seem unlikely, but if one occurs, your organization or business must be prepared. Florida IT Pros uses the right technology; virtualization, replication, and cloud computing to protect your business’ essential data and implements a disaster recovery plan, to get your business operating normally and as soon as possible in the event disaster strikes. Resuming your critical functions after a disaster, whether natural or human-made is our primary objective.

Potential Disasters Which Can Affect Day to Day Business Operations

  • Building or campus disaster by tornado, flood, or fire,
  • Virtual machine failure,
  • Communication failure,
  • Citywide disaster,
  • Regional disaster; such as a hurricane,
  • National Disaster,
  • Ransomware,
  • A cyber attack.

Understanding RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

RPO and RTO are the two most essential components of a disaster recovery plan. RPO can be easier understood by equating it with rewriting, and RPO can be best understood to mean, in real time. The RPO describes the interval of time that might pass during a disruption before the data loss exceeds an allowable threshold.

The RTO is the duration of time in which a business process must be restored after a disaster to avoid irreparable consequences or a lengthy disruption of the ability to conduct business. RPO designates the amount of data that will be lost and RTO designates the amount of ‘real time’ that can pass before the disruption severely impedes day to day business operations.

Florida IT Pros Comprehensive Approach to Data Recovery:

We use the best-in-industry standards to speed up data recovery and limit downtime.

  • Backup and Recovery
  • System and Data Replication
  • Private and Public Cloud Solutions
  • Solution Prioritization
  • Budget Planning
  • Testing
  • Updates and Support

Do Not Wait to Implement A DIsaster Recovery Plan

Waiting for a cyber attack or natural disaster to compromise your applications and data is the biggest mistake your business can make. Let Florida IT Pros create a good disaster recovery plan for your business or organization. We make recommendations to help you recover from a disaster faster. The inability to conduct business or ineffectively respond to a security breach could potentially cause your business to close their doors for good. Our plan can keep your doors open for generations to come.

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