Cloud Desktop

If you are still spending tons of money on a PC infrastructure that connects to your network, you have a foot in the past. Propel your business into the future by using cloud desktops. Florida IT Pros can install, manage, and support your cloud desktops, making it easier for you to get the technology that you need at a price you can afford. These scalable solutions come with countless benefits that will revolutionize the way you do business.

Technology that is Future Proof

Companies often spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, in an effort to future-proof their IT infrastructures. Then, as changes come about, they have to spend even more money to keep up. The cloud is an elastic solution, meaning it is truly flexible. You can scale up or down at any time, and you always have access to the latest technology without spending money on the infrastructure. If you want the best technology out there at an affordable price, the cloud is the best solution for you.

Completely Customizable Solutions

Every business is different, which means every cloud solution is different too. We can analyze your specific needs and come up with a customized solution just for you. This solution will meet your security requirements while handling all your data and applications. When you have a system designed just for you, you know it will be easier to get the job done.

Access the System Anywhere

You never know when you will need to log in and get some work done. When you use the cloud desktop, that is a cinch. You can log in from anywhere, as long as you have your credentials. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, the office, or on vacation. Just log in and get to work with ease. This also means your employees can work from home without borrowing your company’s expensive hardware.

Repurpose Your Existing Hardware

Is your current hardware old, outdated, and sluggish? You might think it’s time to get rid of it, but it might have some juice left. Let Florida IT Pros repurpose it so you can use it to connect to the cloud. You can benefit from the latest technology on the cloud, and your current system can live to see another day. This is a great way to save some money. Contact us to begin saving money today.

Easy Cloud VOIP

We can support any type of business. Our typical client that does not have an on-site full time IT employee is two to fifty employees. Our larger clients have up to 1800 employees who have an on-site IT employee and we help support them.

We get questions from doctors, lawyers, dentists, non-profits and financial firms who ask, “We have specialized software specific to our business can you support us?” Our answer is always yes!!  We are not software experts, we are IT experts and know how the two work together. If you have been the liaison between that specific software vendor and your business for upgrades and technical issues, we can take that burden from you. As long as you have current software support in place we can manage everything else.

The computers that run the software, the server sitting in a closet somewhere, your internet, your email, the phone system, all businesses need these core systems and we are experts at managing it all.

Cloud Desktops – A Great Way to Secure Data

Your data are important to your business, and if you are using traditional workstations, they might be at risk. If a computer is stolen or if it breaks down, you will lose all of the data on that machine. That isn’t the case with the cloud, though. Since everything lives in the virtual space, you never have to worry about losing your data. That is a huge relief.

Florida IT Pros provides IT outsourcing and managed services to help businesses manage their day-to-day IT environments without the need to hire their own staff of experts.

Tiered Pricing Available

We know some of our clients need the sun, moon, and stars, while others operate within a much smaller solar system. That is why we offer tiered pricing based on our clients’ needs. You never have to pay for more than you need, and you can always add more resources as you go along. This makes cloud desktop solutions the affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Get the Cloud Today

You don’t need to wait any longer to start using the cloud. These benefits can be yours within days when you contact Florida IT Pros. Our experienced engineers will assess your needs and determine which solution is best for you. Then, we will implement the solution and manage it so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us here to get a tailored plan for your business. 


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