Cloud Hosting  

You have so many difficult decisions to make for your business, but hosting shouldn’t be one of them. More and more, businesses are going with cloud hosting, and it is easy to see why. With so many benefits, cloud hosting isn’t just the format of the future – it is the format of today.

Let Florida IT Pros evaluate your hosting needs and choose a cloud hosting plan that is best for your business. We can integrate the new hosting solution in your current business model, limiting downtime during the change. Then, once it is up, you can enjoy the countless benefits that come with the cloud.

Saving Money with the Cloud

You know that every penny counts when running a business. Countless businesses have failed because they spent too much, and you don’t want the same thing to happen to your company. Fortunately, you can save quite a bit of money by turning to the cloud.

Cloud computing utilizes all the available hardware, letting companies do so much more for less. You can get a lot more for your money when you move to the cloud – it just might mean the difference between operating in the red or in the black.  

Flying Through the Cloud

Speed is important when choosing a host. Slow load times can hurt your business, which is a reason why so many companies are going with the cloud. People are often surprised to learn the cloud can be so much faster than traditional hosting options. That’s due to the low-density servers and caching layers offered on the cloud. This leads to a more efficient system, which speeds up the entire network. If you want to deliver a better user experience, it starts with speed, which means it starts with the cloud.


You never know what the next year might bring. Your business might double in size, and if it does, you will have to scale your hosting plan up. That’s the great thing about cloud hosting – you can scale it up with a quick call to Florida IT Pros and you don’t have to invest in physical resources to do this. Instead, we will allocate more cloud resources to your server. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to migrate your data or experience any downtime. We handle everything on our end, and you reap the benefits.

Easy Cloud VOIP

We can support any type of business. Our typical client that does not have an on-site full time IT employee is two to fifty employees. Our larger clients have up to 1800 employees who have an on-site IT employee and we help support them.

We get questions from doctors, lawyers, dentists, non-profits and financial firms who ask, “We have specialized software specific to our business can you support us?” Our answer is always yes!!  We are not software experts, we are IT experts and know how the two work together. If you have been the liaison between that specific software vendor and your business for upgrades and technical issues, we can take that burden from you. As long as you have current software support in place we can manage everything else.

The computers that run the software, the server sitting in a closet somewhere, your internet, your email, the phone system, all businesses need these core systems and we are experts at managing it all.

The Latest and Greatest Technology

When you use the cloud, you always have access to the latest and greatest technology without the cost. Instead of buying equipment, you are essentially renting resources. These resources are always the industry’s best, meaning you get access to the best technology out there without the cost. This is a huge benefit for your company, regardless of its size.

Integrated Failover

Limiting downtime is one of the main goals that cloud hosting companies have. In order to accomplish this, cloud hosting has a system for failover in place. If any issues arise with the hardware, your site is automatically switched to another server. This allows you to avoid downtime. The switchover is so fast, you won’t even realize that it has happened. You won’t lose any uptime or resources during this process.

Florida IT Pros provides IT outsourcing and managed services to help businesses manage their day-to-day IT environments without need to hire their own staff of experts.

Premium Security

Florida IT Pros takes security seriously at every level, including with cloud hosting. We implement various security measures to prevent third parties from hacking your data. We also prevent internal issues from arising. When you go with us, you know your data is safe.

Cloud hosting can change the way you do business. If you want a better service at a better price, contact Florida IT Pros today.

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