Consulting Services

Florida IT Pros offers a variety of consulting services to help small to medium-sized businesses thrive. From strategic guidance all the way to project planning and management, these services position companies to lead in their fields.

Strategic Guidance

As a leading IT consulting and support services company, Florida IT Pros provides a variety of staffing solutions. Small to medium-sized businesses turn to us for a system and network implementation, business processes, project management, strategic planning, and IT operations management. We provide objective advice regarding strategies, technologies, and staff, allowing our clients to reach their business goals and increase their bottom lines.


Florida IT Pros provides technology and security assessments for our clients. These assessments analyze and document the computer network. Our consultants analyze the network, looking for ways to improve performance and reliability in both the short and long term. Our consultants will help you put a long-term plan in place to reach all of your business goals, all the while eliminating short-term problems.


Many of our clients are excited about all of the benefits of virtualization, including high availability, redundancy, increased performance, and reduced management costs and hardware budgets. These clients turn to us for our virtualization planning services.

Our team begins by creating a plan for migrating your system to virtualized servers and desktops. Along with the technical project plan, the team provides a budgetary estimate and an analysis of the return on investment. You will quickly see that this is a budget-friendly solution.

Strategic Planning

While many companies leave the strategic planning duties to the CIO, that is actually a strategic mistake. CIOs have many responsibilities, meaning that they can only spend about a fifth of their time handling strategic issues. Our consulting team can dedicate all of its time to focusing on your strategic issues.

Our team understands the importance of accomplishing high-level objectives at the lowest possible cost, all while aligning the strategy to the goals set forth by the company. With our help, your company can complete key project initiatives in a timely fashion.

Solutions and Project Management

Florida IT Pros has built a solid reputation on creating plans and executing projects based on best industry practices. Our team of extensively trained engineers is always ready to implement the best IT solutions in the industry. Our team also completes projects on time and on budget by utilizing detailed planning, tracking, and management. When we take the lead, you know you are getting the best solutions for your needs.

IP Telephony

If you are still using traditional phone systems, our consulting team can help you make the move to superior IP telephony solutions. These phone systems provide countless benefits for companies, including reduced costs, but the switch must be properly planned and executed. Our team is experienced in planning, implementing, and supporting these systems for companies of various sizes. Our team is able to reduce the risks while maximizing the rewards when switching to IP telephony systems.

Planning and Managing Projects

Each client we work with is different, which is why our consultants take the time to understand each client’s specific needs. The team then plans the project based on those needs, including tasks, responsibilities, and goals. Once a plan is in place, the technical work begins. Our planning and management process ensures projects are completed on time, without going over the budget.

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