Email and Collaboration

Email and collaboration solutions are essential for business communications to be effective. The right strategy allows communications to be delivered to all recipients in any location, across any device. Florida IT Pros understands the importance of a strategy that doesn’t just include email. Along with email, we provide mobile, social, visual, and virtual collaboration strategies.

Our industry-leading solutions allow our customers to enjoy the benefits that come with the latest technologies while still utilizing business class email. If you work with us, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our consultants will design and implement your strategy and then provide all of the necessary support. Our solution will be designed around the specific requirements to meet all of your needs, regardless of what those needs are.

Collaborations Centered on Users

Florida IT Pros knows that it is important to let people choose the way they work. We provide tools for an assortment of situations, and your team can choose the tools they want to use. Our tools improve productivity and offer a consistent user experience, even when people change devices.

We also provide multiple communication modes, including messaging, voice, and video, along with conferencing. In addition, our plans let users personalize the experience. They can personalize everything from communication functions to availability. This is just another way we focus on the users.

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Best-in-Class Email Solutions for Businesses

Our team of consultants also provides the best-in-class email solution for businesses. With Microsoft Exchange 2010, our clients get everything they need for email communications. This cutting-edge software offers:

  • Email, calendar, and contacts that can be accessed on the PC, phone, and web browser
  • Support for various browsers, allowing users to collaborate with ease
  • The ability to sync to various devices, so you can access or update information on the fly
  • Multilayered anti-spam filtering that includes constant updates so you don’t have to worry about spam or phishing
  • Reliability, high availability, and secure disaster recovery

Take Your Mobile Device Along for the Ride

IT organizations have to support more mobile devices than ever before. Team members like to use their own smartphones and tablets, which in the past has been cause for concern. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Florida IT Pros can include these devices in the business collaboration model.

Our team ensures that all devices are secure and able to utilize the connectivity features necessary. Then, we deploy a plan that helps businesses lower their costs on corporate-purchased devices. In addition, they are able to turn application deployment and maintenance over to the device owners. This also reduces costs while increasing security.

Social Media and the Workplace

Social media is an excellent tool for business collaboration. In fact, over half of employees use it for this purpose at least one time each week. In addition, customers utilize the platform to communicate with companies and other customers.

Since communication is shifting to this platform, social media monitoring is essential. This allows companies to take a proactive approach to communications. It also provides them with access to new companies. Our Managed Services Plans to monitor and update social media sites, giving our clients a competitive edge.

Video for Business

A video is also an important tool for business collaboration. It improves service while saving money, and it is incredibly accessible. New generations of customers are already using video, and this allows our clients to reach them on their preferred platform.

Going to the Cloud

Collaboration should also include cloud solutions. These flexible solutions make it easier to access applications and deliver data. The cloud is also secure and reliable, and it provides stable performance. In addition, it provides consistency across platforms and rapid deployment.

Florida IT Pros

Florida IT Pros provides IT outsourcing and managed services to help businesses manage their day-to-day IT environments without need to hire their own staff of experts.

Network Solutions

Florida IT Pros offers managed IT services and network solutions from industry leading vendors such as Cisco, HP, Dell, McAfee, RSA, Citrix, Websense, and Symantec. We take pride in our industry certifications and vendor authorizations. These accreditations place Florida IT Pros in the top tier of solution providers and ensure that we will deliver the highest quality of service for our clients.

IT Services

Information technology is no longer just hardware and software. It’s an integral component of your business and it is essential to maintaining your operations and communications with your staff, customers and vendors. At Florida IT Pros, our goal is to ensure our customers’ computer systems and networks are running at peak performance with the highest level of security.

Email and Collaboration

Email and collaboration solutions are essential for business communications to be effective. The right strategy allows communications to be delivered to all recipients in any location, across any device. Florida IT Pros understands the importance of a strategy that doesn’t just include email. Along with email, we provide mobile, social, visual, and virtual collaboration strategies.

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Take Ownership of Your IT Services

IT is an important part of your business, and because of that, it can burn through a lot of resources and assets. If you are spending too much time and money running your department, let Florida IT Pros help. Our managed IT services allow you to focus on the day-to-day aspects of running your business. When we handle your IT, you can handle all of the rest. That is great news for your bottom line.

How are we different?

IT is fundamental to operating your business. We understand. By taking ownership of your information technology, we free you up to focus on managing your people, growing your business, and improving your bottom line.

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Office Locations We Manage

We provide numerous solution for our clients, ensuring that everyone who uses us gets the service that they need.

1. South Florida Locations – Many of our clients are located within driving distance of our West Palm Beach office. We drive to locations as far north as Port St. Lucie and as far south as Coral Gables. If your office is in this area, we can drive out to it whenever you need service.

2. South Florida Offices, with Additional Location Around the Globe – When our clients have offices in both South Florida and in other locations, we take a two-pronged approach to IT management. We can travel as far as 1.5 hours to provide local support as needed, and we can also manage other systems remotely. We will require some minor help from a person at the location when we remote in, but we will talk the on-site person through any steps necessary to fix a problem.

3. Located Anywhere – We have clients located all around the globe who do not require any on-site assistance. These clients might be as close as South Florida or as far as China. We take care of everything remotely for these clients. The company’s employees assist us with basic support duties, and for complicated projects, we find a local provider to take care of the issue. For instance, if one of our remote clients requires a new electrical outlet for a network cable, we will find a reputable vendor close by. We will coordinate the entire project and get approval before moving forward.

If you are a remote client, we can travel to your location once a year, if needed. However, this is typically not necessary, as most projects can be managed remotely.

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