There are different types of “Cloud” Solutions and products available, some are more simple like a file and folder sharing platform like Dropbox. Some are more complicated and much more technical such as hosting your Virtual Desktops and Virtual Servers for your whole office in the “cloud”, access to these resources from your main office, remote offices and 100% remote access via work at home or working on the road.

Depending on the solution, your needs and budget, each solution can have its pros and cons, and they are not always interchangeable.

Cloud and On-Premise Servers have their pros and cons, here are some things to look at:

Cloud Pros:

  • No capital expenses
  • Data can be backed up regularly, minimizing risk of losses
  • Only pay for options you need
  • Great for expanding companies outgrowing their infrastructure, connecting employees globally
  • Lower need for Dedicated IT Support depending on Cloud Solution

Cloud Cons:

  • Internet speed and connection controls user experience
  • Third party cloud servers might have access to your data
  • Access to data is solely dependent on internet connection
  • Cost outweighs benefits for companies not reliant on uptime

On-Premise Pros:

  • Physical control over server hardware
  • Critical data is stored on-premise with no third party access
  • Not reliant on internet access
  • More cost-effective for companies not concerned about uptime

On-Premise Cons:

  • Need for dedicated IT support
  • Requires hardware and infrastructure capital investment
  • No uptime guarantees
  • More prone to data loss in emergency situations