Help Desk Services

Florida IT Pros is here for all of your help desk needs, and we offer customized solutions for our clients. You can use our help desk staff to solve technical problems that stump your onsite team, or you can use us to handle all of your help desk tasks. Our professional team logs, tracks, and solves technical issues in a professional and efficient way. If you need the support of an experienced help desk staff, we are here to help. With our professional team by your side, a solution will always be a phone call away.

Efficient Handling of All Support Requests

We provide both support and preventative maintenance for your IT needs. Our support team handles:

  • PC Workstations
  • Servers
  • Email
  • Network Equipment
  • Security
  • Storage Technology
  • Firewall Security
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Security
  • Internet Access
  • Hardware and Software
  • Cisco IP Telephony
  • Printers

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Help Desk Service Overview – What to Expect

Our help desk staff makes a commitment to providing top-notch service for all customers. While it is impossible to list everything that the help desk provides, here are the highlights:

Requests Are Easy to Submit

You want to submit your requests quickly and easily, and Florida IT Pros makes that possible. You can submit your support ticket in various ways:  submit it online, through your email account, or call the hotline. These options make submitting a request simple.

Prompt Response

Our help desk team is on duty Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. until 5 P.M. EST. In addition, some of our customers opt for 24/7 services. For these customers, help desk personnel is available every hour of the day, every day of the week, ensuring that support issues are cleared up quickly and promptly. Even if you don’t have 24/7 access, you can expect a fast response. We strive to clear up all requests quickly so our clients don’t have to wait.

Experts on Duty

While some companies use low-level employees for the help desk, we only staff our help desk with experts who can actually solve problems. These highly trained IT professionals hold various accreditations, such as Cisco Certified Network Associate and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. They also have ample real-life experience working as IT managers and in other roles. With their skills, experience, and education, they are able to diagnose and resolve requests in a timely manner. When you contact the help desk, you aren’t contacting a basic call center – you are calling someone with industry experience. You never have to wait to get routed to an expert. Each time you contact the help desk you can be confident an expert is answering the phone.

Your Priority Is Our Priority

High-priority support requests are always taken seriously at Florida IT Pros. When you submit this type of request, our automated notification alert system is triggered and the necessary party knows if you have a critical failure or another issue that requires immediate attention. Our help desk team automatically analyzes the request and fixes the problem. You shouldn’t have to wait for important issues, and with us, you won’t have to. We escalate requests quickly to stop developing issues in their tracks. By doing so, we can minimize downtime and help our clients avoid critical issues.

100 Percent Satisfaction

Florida IT Pros recently sent out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to our clients, and we are pleased to announce that 100% of our clients are satisfied with our help desk service. By prioritizing our clients’ needs, we are able to ensure each person receives the type of service they want and need.

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