Network Security

Network security should be at the center of your network management philosophy. If your network isn’t secure, it will be impossible to manage. With more than 20 years of network security experience, Florida IT Pros has the experience necessary to design and implement network security solutions for your business.

This goes far beyond a simple firewall and includes various solutions for wireless, mobile, and telephone systems. We secure all information networks, ensuring you can connect in a safe and secure way. We protect networks from unauthorized access and limit unplanned downtime. We also provide 24/7 monitoring of all the networks we secure, allowing your team members to focus on their priorities.

With our help, your company will be protected from the security threats that businesses face. While there are lots of threats out there, they can be divided into two main categories.

Internal Threats:

Some employees expose companies to threats unintentionally, while others engage in malicious activities. From unintentionally downloading viruses to intentionally stealing data, internal threats are damaging to businesses. Our security systems protect companies against these dangerous threats.

External Threats:

Cyber attacks can come at you from all sides. Both foreign and domestic attacks are on the rise, and they can consist of viruses, worms, and hacks. We set up powerful firewalls so hackers cannot access your private network.

Along with protecting our clients from these threats, we make sure they follow government security regulations. Various acts make IT security a requirement for businesses. We ensure that our clients are compliant at all times.

To keep you safe from these threats and to ensure compliance, Florida IT Pros begins with a network security assessment.

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Network Security Assessment

Before we can get you to the place you need to be, we must determine where you are when it comes to security. Our network security assessment lets us determine how secure your network is and what needs to change. Our consultants offer recommendations based on the assessment. These recommendations improve security, performance, and reliability.

Our assessment includes:

  • An active and passive analysis utilizing an assortment of scan technologies
  • An assessment of the network, server, and infrastructure
  • A review of the system’s authentication, authorization, and accounting
  • A check of the security policies and procedures
  • Reviews of the router, firewall, IDs, and IPS rule-set and configuration
  • Penetration testing
  • HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bailey, and Sarbanes Oxley Act compliance checks

Network Security Solutions

After the analysis, we will be ready to implement security solutions to make your network more secure. We offer a variety of solutions, from the most basic to the most highly advanced. These solutions include:

  • Secure firewalls
  • DMZ requirements
  • Virtual private networks
  • Remote access
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Network authentication for advanced security
  • Encryption
  • Wireless security
  • Anti-virus systems
  • Anti-spyware systems
  • Patch management
  • Redundancy and failover

Ongoing Network Management Services

Network management is an ongoing process, and Florida IT Pros is in it for the long haul. We take a proactive approach by managing your network day in and day out, all at an affordable cost.
Our ongoing management services include network help desk access, external penetration scans, log reviews, and IOS and system patch updates. We also offer managed 24/7 network security support services. These services mean your network will be safe from all threats at all times. You can feel confident with Florida IT Pros.

Your network security needs to be a priority. Show that it is by going with Florida IT Pros. Our team will keep your network safe and secure all year long. With our help, you can focus on other tasks without worrying about your network.


Florida IT Pros

Florida IT Pros provides IT outsourcing and managed services to help businesses manage their day-to-day IT environments without need to hire their own staff of experts.

Network Solutions

Florida IT Pros offers managed IT services and network solutions from industry leading vendors such as Cisco, HP, Dell, McAfee, RSA, Citrix, Websense, and Symantec. We take pride in our industry certifications and vendor authorizations. These accreditations place Florida IT Pros in the top tier of solution providers and ensure that we will deliver the highest quality of service for our clients.

IT Services

Information technology is no longer just hardware and software. It’s an integral component of your business and it is essential to maintaining your operations and communications with your staff, customers and vendors. At Florida IT Pros, our goal is to ensure our customers’ computer systems and networks are running at peak performance with the highest level of security.

Email and Collaboration

Email and collaboration solutions are essential for business communications to be effective. The right strategy allows communications to be delivered to all recipients in any location, across any device. Florida IT Pros understands the importance of a strategy that doesn’t just include email. Along with email, we provide mobile, social, visual, and virtual collaboration strategies.

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Take Ownership of Your IT Services

IT is an important part of your business, and because of that, it can burn through a lot of resources and assets. If you are spending too much time and money running your department, let Florida IT Pros help. Our managed IT services allow you to focus on the day-to-day aspects of running your business. When we handle your IT, you can handle all of the rest. That is great news for your bottom line.

How are we different?

IT is fundamental to operating your business. We understand. By taking ownership of your information technology, we free you up to focus on managing your people, growing your business, and improving your bottom line.

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Office Locations We Manage

We provide numerous solution for our clients, ensuring that everyone who uses us gets the service that they need.

1. South Florida Locations – Many of our clients are located within driving distance of our West Palm Beach office. We drive to locations as far north as Port St. Lucie and as far south as Coral Gables. If your office is in this area, we can drive out to it whenever you need service.

2. South Florida Offices, with Additional Location Around the Globe – When our clients have offices in both South Florida and in other locations, we take a two-pronged approach to IT management. We can travel as far as 1.5 hours to provide local support as needed, and we can also manage other systems remotely. We will require some minor help from a person at the location when we remote in, but we will talk the on-site person through any steps necessary to fix a problem.

3. Located Anywhere – We have clients located all around the globe who do not require any on-site assistance. These clients might be as close as South Florida or as far as China. We take care of everything remotely for these clients. The company’s employees assist us with basic support duties, and for complicated projects, we find a local provider to take care of the issue. For instance, if one of our remote clients requires a new electrical outlet for a network cable, we will find a reputable vendor close by. We will coordinate the entire project and get approval before moving forward.

If you are a remote client, we can travel to your location once a year, if needed. However, this is typically not necessary, as most projects can be managed remotely.

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