Assessment Services

Evolution is the cornerstone of any successful organization. As organizations evolve, their IT needs change. Unfortunately, few organizations keep up with those changes. They use outdated infrastructures and then don’t understand why they can’t keep up in the business world.

Our technical assessment services analyze and document computer networks, allowing us to provide technical recommendations that improve both performance and reliability. This service corrects short-term issues and also provides a long-term strategic plan for our clients. This is the key to keeping up in the ever-changing IT world.

As your trusted partner, we can help you forge a new path forward. If you are ready to grow as a business, let us help. With our help, you won’t just keep up in the business world – you will pass others by.

IT Assessment

Florida IT Pros helps small to midsize companies reach their ultimate destination. Our first step is to determine your starting location through an IT assessment. We will:

  • Review and document all servers
  • Review and document all hardware and software
  • Assess and inventory all computers
  • Assess and inventory hardware and software configuration
  • Review and document PC and server security
  • Analyze the existing data storage, protection, and backup policies
  • Review and document the existing network infrastructure, both local and area wide
  • Identify technical issues existing in the current system

Network Security

Your network’s security should always be a priority. There is a good chance that your network isn’t as secure as you think, but Florida IT Pros can help. Let us conduct a security assessment to determine where your security stands.

Our high-level security assessment includes:

  • Firewall analysis
  • Network penetration test to identify security vulnerabilities
  • Technology configuration review and analysis
  • Security policy review
  • Vulnerability analysis and prioritization
  • Plan to remedy security vulnerabilities

Data Center Assessment

Is your data center running as it should? Our assessment services will assess your data center’s infrastructure to make sure you are getting the most out of the system. This assessment includes:

  • Analysis of data center’s environment
  • Breakdown of total-cost-of-ownership
  • Recommendations for database optimization
  • Assessment of storage capacity and needs

Application Assessment

Is your business running the best applications for your needs? Find out with our application assessment. This assessment includes:

  • Analysis of your existing applications
  • Recommendations for applications that will help you meet your business requirements

Reports and Recommendations

Our team of experts will review each assessment and make reports and recommendations to remedy issues. This includes:

  • Summary about the state of the network
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Diagrams of the network
  • Comprehensive documentation of the network
  • Inventory of technical issues, along with the impact they have on the network
  • Recommended solutions, in order of priority
  • Recommended options for support services
  • Estimate of cost of materials and solutions
  • Solution and support proposal

We will go over the report with you so we can answer any questions. By the time we finish reviewing the report, you will have a clear view of where you need to go as a business.

Get Started Today

Don’t wait another minute to schedule an assessment. Our assessment services can help you become more productive and efficient, all while saving money. It is often difficult to see the problems you face when you are in the middle of the action. Our team can analyze all of your issues and come up with the best strategy for your business.

Contact us today so you can find out more about how our assessment services can put you on the road to success. If you are ready to become a leader, we can help.

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