Disaster Recovery: Protecting and Restoring Your Business’ Applications and Data

Posted 6 years ago

What is Disaster Recovery and Why Does Your Business Need a Plan? Every business and organization needs to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Florida IT Pros can create a plan for your business by analyzing the potential impact a disaster may have on your business and prioritizing the applications and data needed during the recovery process. Resuming your critical functions after a disaster is our primary objective. A disaster may seem unlikely, but if one occurs, your organization or business must be prepared. Florida IT Pros uses the right technology; virtualization, replication, and cloud computing to protect your…Read More

Trust Florida IT Pros With Your Computer’s Disaster Recovery

Posted 7 years ago

Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery duplicates computer operations and involves a series of policies and procedures that enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural (ex. fire, earthquake, power surges) or human-induced disaster (ex. terrorist attack, viruses, accidents). Organizations and companies are dependent on their computer systems to run their businesses. Their computers hold vital information and data that must be preserved in order to keep their businesses running smoothly. With humans making mistakes, nature being unpredictable and failing machines, disaster recovery are vital to customers who need and want access to all data 24/7/365.…Read More