Cloud Storage – Why Store Your Data Online?

Posted 6 years ago

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Cloud Storage

The internet was and is life changing and just when you thought technology could not get any better, enter cloud storage. Cloud storage is remote, server-based storage. Music and movies are streamed from servers and using the cloud service allow you to keep all of your documents and files in one place with anywhere-access and sharing.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service to store and sync data in the cloud, and if you do not currently have this service, you should strongly consider getting the service. Decide how many files and how much security you need before you decide which cloud storage plan is best for your needs.

Many cloud storage services offer a free account with size limitations on uploaded files or the amount of storage. There are also paid services where you pay more based on how much storage you need or the size of your files. It is more cost effective to utilize services which offer some level of free service(2GB) vs. a service that allows you to try them for free and then pay for any amount of space going forward.

Having access to all of your data is an excellent thing. Imagine accessing your documents, PDF’s photos, media files and spreadsheets from anywhere. You no longer have to be sitting at your work computer to access and utilize your work files. Cloud syncing is accessed from any mobile device and any place. No more plugging and unplugging USB thumb drives.

What Does Cloud Storage Do to Help You?

Cloud storage has storage solutions that have a vast range of capabilities. Dropbox, SugarSync, Apple iCloud, google drive and Microsoft One-Drive offering media-playing file, folder and device syncing. They allow all synced folders to be accessible from everywhere. In the business arena, it is especially important to have software and apps easily able to retrieve and access files and to authenticate easily with other business tools.

Cloud storage service solutions also act as collaboration software which is an app that helps people to get work done together and offer some level of security and backup. The cloud service protects files from disk failures since the cloud keeps copies of them.  If you do not wish to bypass the cloud for your backup, you can still go with alternative backup software. True backup backs up all of your computer’s files in a synced folder. Syncing allows you to pick the documents you need in the cloud for easy access but is not always the safest. With true backup. Immediate access is not guaranteed, but, your peace of mind is.

Is the Cloud an Actual Cloud?

There is no actual cloud. It is someone else’s computer. It is primarily storing your files in a place other than your computer’s hard drive. Having encrypted data in the cloud refers to the ability to access any of your files through the internet. Make cloud storage your way to store your files.

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