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Posted 7 years ago

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Florida IT Pro’s Promise to Deliver Information to All Businesses Quickly

The International Data Corporation says that collaboration in business is becoming new manufacturing. Business Collaboration is Important. Mailing a letter to communicate important business information was never an ideal method. Faxing became the primary way to send information quickly, but an immediate reply was not part of the equation and with more modern and efficient methods of faster communication evolving, faxing is becoming a distant memory.

In this world of instant gratification, Florida IT Pros wants to ensure your business can communicate and collaborate with each employee, client, and customer immediately and effectively. We implement solutions to ensure important information is delivered regardless of their device or location.

Tried and True Communication and Collaboration Capabilities

E-mail quickly caught on and was and still is an efficient way to communicate with others in a relatively fast way. Email continues to be a very popular way to communicate since it can be accessed from computers or mobile devices allowing access to emails and the ability to reply quickly.

Gmail helps users to group emails together by sender or subject and allows them to search for a name or subject of a past email as well. Scanning documents and emailing them is another popular way to communicate and relay documents and information.

Business Class Email

Microsoft offers a Business Class Email that is not only business worthy, but very smart. It allows access to emails, contacts and shared calendars by synching the information across all devices in real time so your employees can perform their best work wherever they may be. It also has disaster recovery, is equipped with industry-leading malware and has a way to restore deleted emails.

Modern Communication and Collaboration Capabilities

In addition to Business Class Email by Microsoft, Florida IT Pros implements industry leading solutions and technology and will help you find the collaboration and communication solutions your business needs to run efficiently.

  • Social media tools(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest). According to the International Data Corporation, 57% of workers now use social media for business. Social media can get the word out about your business and what you offer, specials you are running and is a platform for customers to leave reviews.
  • Mobile tools(phones and tablets) allow users access whenever they want from wherever they are. These tools keep costs down since employees are using and managing their own devices.
  • Visual tools(Facetime, video conferencing with tools such as google hangouts and skype, internet sales, interactive presentations, online training)
  • Virtual tools allow applications and data to be accessed securely and reliably from clouds.

Florida IT Pros

No matter or your budget or technology needs, Florida IT Pros can accommodate your business by designing and implementing communication and collaboration solutions designed to help improve your business. We will be there to help you with all of your collaboration and technological needs which is especially useful for businesses lacking an IT staff.

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