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Posted 6 years ago

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What is an IT Assessment?

Is your company technologically evolved? IT needs change as businesses evolve and your business or organization needs to ensure it is the cornerstone of technology. It is essential to use updated infrastructures to keep up in the business world. An IT assessment is a comprehensive and thorough review of a company’s environment and technology systems. Over time, problems can emerge. Performance gaps and inefficiencies can develop.

After an effective IT assessment and an in-depth review of your critical technology areas as it solves existing problems and prevents potential damages to your applications. A written recommendation will provide you with best practices putting you at a competitive advantage and giving your company a better return on its investment.

Reviews, Reports, and Recommendations to Remedy Issues

  • Summary about the state of the network
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Diagrams of the network
  • Comprehensive documentation of the network
  • Inventory of technical issues, along with the impact they have on the network
  • Recommended solutions, in order of priority
  • Recommended options for support services
  • Estimate of cost of materials and solutions
  • Solution and support proposal

Technology Areas We Assess:

    • Data Storage: permissions, performance, accessibility, availability
    • Server Infrastructure: Warranty/support, performance, capability planning, virtualization, operating systems, review and document all servers
    • Network Infrastructure: Power, environment controls, UPS, warranty/support
    • Networking Infrastructure/Carrier Services: ISP, network switching, wireless, cabling and connectivity, LAN/WAN, warranty/support
    • Cloud Services: Compliance, availability, accessibility, service delivery models
    • Business Services/Applications: Collaboration and messaging, financial management, CRM, Active Directory/directory services, business intelligence, file/print sharing
    • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: RTO and RPO, DR planning/readiness, business and impact analysis, backups
    • Network Security: Password policies, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, analysis, network penetration test to identify security vulnerabilities, technology configuration review and analysis, security policy review, review PC and server security, plan to remedy security vulnerabilities
    • Risk: Risk identification, risk analysis
  • Data Center Assessment: analysis of data center’s environment, breakdown of total-cost-of-ownership, recommendation for database optimization, assessment of storage capacity and needs
  • Hardware//Software: review and document all hardware and software, access and inventory all hardware and software configuration
  • Computers: access and inventory all computers
  • Technical Issues: identify existing issues in the current system
  • Analyze: existing data storage, protection, and backup policies

Florida IT Pros – Your Trusted Business Partner

Having an IT assessment done within your company is an important and useful task. Whether done internally or by a third party company, a technological assessment should be done. While an internal assessment is better than none, it brings many disadvantages. In-house employees may overlook things and it may be difficult for them to give a fair and critical assessment.

With that said, hiring an experienced company, such as Florida IT Pros to assess your company is a sound investment and the positive outcomes it will generate will make it a very smart business decision. Utilizing Florida IT Pros brings a set of fresh eyes that can assess your current technological situation and will make some practical and useful decisions your company can use.

Our technical assessment services analyze and document computer networks, allowing us to provide technical recommendations that improve both performance and reliability. This service corrects short-term issues and also provides a long-term strategic plan for our clients. This is the key to keeping up in the ever-changing IT world. Get started today. Do not waste another minute to schedule an assessment with Florida IT Pros. We can help your business become more productive and efficient and saves you money.

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