Managed IT Services Gives Your Business Peace of Mind

Posted 7 years ago

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Managed IT Services Gives Your Business Peace of Mind

What Most Businesses do When Their Technology Breaks Down

Technology is amazing, wonderful, time-saving and efficient, but what in the world do you do when it is not working optimally? Most businesses’ first response is to call a technician in to help or take their equipment to a computer repair shop. This route is time-consuming and expensive.

What Your Business Should be Doing to Monitor Their Technology

Instead of lugging your cumbersome equipment somewhere to be repaired, waiting and putting your business out of commission while spending uncertain amounts of money, choose a reputable IT company who offers Managed IT services. With IT Pros Managed IT services, you will be given peace of mind. Our technicians and certified engineers ensure that all your computer systems are running at peak performance. We provide on-site and remote support when you need us. We watch your network, so you do not have to. This means we can correct most issues before you even know they are there. Our help desk is always ready to take your call.

Managed IT Services vs. Hourly Repair

You can spend close to the same amount of money over one year using Florida IT Pros managed IT service vs. calling the repair shop ‘as needed’. When an issue does arise, you never need to worry about who will repair it and if the cost will be much more than you expected or budgeted for. Your business will pay a fixed monthly fee which in turn will ensure prompt IT service whenever you need it and without extra cost. Florida IT Pros monitors your equipment and essentially ‘puts out fires’ all year long preventing IT crashes. Businesses without Managed IT plans, go months without monitoring and when their technology crashes, it is extremely costly and in some cases, needs to be replaced. With our managed model, businesses are protected, employees are happier and customers are never waiting for information while repairs are being made.

While an hourly rate sounds sensible to many businesses who expect to need help only a few times a year, the reality is your business will need much more support than this. Resource One calculated the annual IT costs companies saved when they switched to managed IT services. Here is what they found:

  • 13 percent cut annual IT costs by an incredible 50 percent or more
  • 46 percent cut annual IT costs by 25 percent or more
  • 50 percent cut annual IT costs between 1-24 percent 

With increased efficiency, you know your technology will be always be working at its optimal performance, with the highest levels of security. It is in your IT provider’s best interest to repair your technology as quickly as possible reducing your businesses’ downtime. A technician working at an hourly rate is not in a rush to help repair your technology and has no real incentive to repair it quickly. In addition, they do not appreciate being pressured because you want or need your equipment back ‘now.’ When they go to repair what was thought to be a minor issue, they often find a multitude of issues. This takes longer to complete and costs much more too. Your IT provider is your business’s ally, catching issues and putting out fires all year long and repairs them at lightning speed with costs built-in. They know you need your technology to run your business and their goal is to make sure you have and your employees have it with you and working effectively.  

Our Managed IT Service Agreement

With Florida IT Pros, your business pays an affordable monthly fee and in return, gets priority support and a solid relationship with your trained IT provider. With Florida IT Pros, you and your technology are always a priority and all issues get handled promptly and correctly.

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