Ransomware and How Florida IT Pros Can Help Protect Your Business

Posted 7 years ago

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The computer world has always been a fight between good and evil. When you hear the word ransom, you think of money being paid and exchanged for something you want. Most do not think of ransom being associated with a computer.  Ransomware is a type of malware unlike any other. It is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system and acting like a kidnapper until you pay the ransom to get your system back.

Ransomware is More Dangerous Than Other Types of Malware Because:

  • It has unbreakable encryption.
  • It can encrypt all types of files.
  • Adds a different extension to files.
  • Displays an image or message alerting you that your data has been encrypted and you must pay a ransom to get it back.
  • Requests payment in Bitcoins. This crypto-currency cannot be tracked by law enforcement.
  • The Ransom has a time limit. This adds to the psychological aspect. If the ransom is not paid by the time limit, the amount increases or the data will be removed forever.
  • Goes undetected by traditional and free anti-virus protection.

Imagine Logging Onto Your Computer and Seeing This

Ransomware is creating programs that lock and encrypt your system that is popular on the Windows platform, however, ransomware can also affect OS X as well.

How to Protect Your Computer From Ransomware

Prevention is better than a cure. It is essential to have paid anti-virus protection, such as up-to-date Microsoft Security Essentials, only download programs from the trusted sites on the internet, having your smart screen is on and the pop-up blocker is running. In the past, paying the ransom asked was the only way to remove the encrypted ransomware malware or lose important files forever, but now there are programs that can unencrypt the hard drive and retrieve files without paying a ransom.

Florida IT Pros

Information technology is no longer just hardware and software. It’s an integral component of your business and it is essential to maintaining your operations and communications with your staff, customers, and vendors. At Florida IT Pros, our goal is to ensure our customers’ computer systems and networks are running at peak performance with the highest level of security. You can count on us to provide the virus protection you need to prevent malicious ransomware from encrypting your important data, saving you time and money.

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