Proactive or Reactive IT Support – Which Will You Choose

Posted 7 years ago

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‘Prevention is always better than a Cure’ 

Which will your business choose?

At Florida IT Pros, we believe in preventing or fixing problems before they affect your business.

Our IT support team will prevent potential technical issues before they become a problem. More and more businesses are increasing productivity with innovative technology, but the increased complexity of IT environments makes it necessary for IT support. Small to midsize businesses can outsource their technological needs with Florida IT Pros and it will give them a similar level of security as big businesses with full in-house IT teams.

Many businesses rely on reactive support. They will wait until they have IT challenges or problems they can not fix in-house before they call for support. When the support arrives at your business, they must dig around to find the root of the problem which is time-consuming and costly. We, at Florida IT Pros, believe in regular maintenance and constant monitoring to prevent security vulnerabilities and server issues by having full visibility into your IT infrastructure.

  Remember, when choosing an IT support service:

  • In the event of an IT issue, proactive services tend to respond quicker.
  • Proactive IT support services tend to significantly reduce downtime
  • Proactive support services are quicker to implement disaster recovery contingency plans, and can even reduce the risk of outages through improved maintenance and monitoring.
  • Proactive IT support can cost significantly less over the course of the service agreement.

Types of Services we Offer

1. A state-of-the-art help desk system that offers in-depth reporting and provides clear updates to the client

2. Monitoring tools to keep a close eye on everything happening within your network

3. Detailed strategic plans to assist you with understanding the direction of your network AND assists in budgeting

4. Pre-paid support agreements to help you save more money

   Types of Office Locations we Manage                                

  1.    There are clients we can drive to and service ourselves 100%.
  2.       Located in South Florida with offices around the country or globe – These are clients that sometimes requires a local person to help on-site, the clients choose to save money by not having a full-time IT person on-site at their remote office, and save the expense of us traveling to their location when someone there is capable of helping.
  3.        Located Anywhere & Remotely Managed 100% – These are clients that do not need us on site at all.

IT Support West Palm Beach

Florida IT Pros was founded in 2007 and has been growing ever since. After years of Fortune 500 experience as IT Engineers, Managers, and Directors we wanted to provide a higher level of service that we and many of our colleagues had experienced from other consultants or service providers. Call us at (561)206-2478 or visit our website.


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