Mobile Device Security and How Florida IT Can Secure Your Mobile Networks

Posted 7 years ago

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Mobile Device Security

Your laptop and cell phone are two tech-savvy and indispensable pieces of technology. They allow you to keep in touch with family and friends, surf the net, pay bills, research and create documents and so much more. These devices are intuitive and are becoming smarter each day. While your mobile devices are becoming smarter, they are also more susceptible to identity theft, loss, viruses, and loopholes that may compromise their security. While wanting to keep your mobile devices convenient, you do not want to sacrifice confidentiality.


Laptops and mobile phones especially are small and portable. They can be stolen. Therefore, it is important to keep your mobile devices safe from others. Having your cell phone stolen is inconvenient, however, it is more dangerous for your identity or personal information to be stolen from the phone. While the physical phone can be replaced, the sensitive and personal information may not be. Circumventing a password or lock is a trivial task for a seasoned attacker who can access encrypted data. Forensic data retrieval allows data to even be recovered from mobile devices after being deleted or undergoing a reset.

Malicious Code

Hackers trick you into accepting what they are selling. These hackers social engineer and create malware threats using spam and other malicious links on social media sites. Android and PC products are at the most risk since they are widely used and easy to develop software for. This malware is designed to steal data over the WI-FI or mobile phone networks.

Your business faces many Security Concerns

  • Internal attacks from within the company. These attacks can be malicious but are often unintentional.
  • External threats launched by foreign or domestic cyber attacks. These attacks could be virus related or a way to discover personal information through hacking.
  • Government Compliance; Sarbanes Oxley Act, Gramm Leach Biley, and HIPAA Compliance are making IT security a legal requirement.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management ensures employees do not breach corporate policies by controlling their activities and securing emails and corporate documents. Businesses can reduce costs by controlling and protecting data and configuration settings on its mobile devices. Adding encryption or geo-tracking provides an extra layer of security.

Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption is technology that converts information into an unreadable code, therefore protecting it from being easily understood, deciphered or stolen. Every bit of data that in on the disk will be encrypted preventing unauthorized access. There is also the transparent encryption method that automatically encrypts and decrypts as it is loaded or saved.

Florida IT Pros provides a professional network security assessment services to analyze and document your network. Based on this information, our Consultants offer security solutions. These security solutions will help protect your organization from internal and external threats. SPAM, viruses, hackers or other network hazards.

  • Firewall solutions
  • DMZ Requirements
  • Redundancy and Failover
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Network Authentication and Control
  • Encryption Solutions
  • Wireless Security
  • Mail Cleanser, Content Filtering
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware
  • Patch Management

Our Managed Support Plans offer a proactive approach to managing your information technology at an affordable cost.

  • Network Help Desk Services
  • Managed 24×7 Network and Security Support Services
  • Log Reviews
  • IOS and System Patch Updates
  • External Scans to Test Firewall Vulnerability

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