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Posted 7 years ago

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What is Lifecycle Management?

Lifecycle management is the management of all information technology (hardware and software) from help choosing, purchasing, configuring, maintaining and supporting your technology until its end-of-life ensuring everything is done in accordance with safety requirements, government guideline, lease terms if applicable and proper disposal.

Why Florida IT Pros

Florida IT Pros wants to make your product sustainability operational and aims for continuous improvement. With an onboard team of seasoned resources, we will manage your systems and networks efficiently, with an innovative approach and unmatched value.

Different businesses may have different approaches to lifecycle management dependent on size and budget, but it is important all businesses have a lifecycle plan. Florida IT Pros will assess your hardware and software technology to provide technical recommendations for improving performance and reliability which will positively impact your long-term costs.

Point of Deployment

From the point of purchasing, we can help you decide what technology your business or organization will most benefit from. We can help you decide if buying or leasing is most advantageous and will be there to guide you every step of the way. We will configure your systems to meet industry standards and minimize potential issues requiring maintenance.

Maintenance & Support

Although we work hard at configuring your systems to have the least amount of issues, we will be there to maintain and provide the on-going support your technology and business in the event an issue does arise. We provide guidance to your IT team, however, maintenance outsourcing can be utilized if a problem persists.

End of Life Management

As the saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end,’ and with technology’s newest versions promising faster speeds, better features and more space coming out at record speeds, it is difficult to know when it is best to retire the equipment you currently have. We cannot only help you with that decision, but when the time does indeed arrive to ‘pull the plug’, we will help ensure it is an accordance with government guidelines and assist with proper disposal.

And as with any lifecycle, this cycle will also repeat itself. Florida IT Pros will again help you in choosing the best of the latest and greatest technology that will meet your business’ needs.

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